Soi 6 Bar Owners


Soi 6 Bar Owners

If you are a Soi 6 Pattaya Bar Owner or Manager you can add your bar to this Soi 6 Bar Ownerswebsite on either of the following terms.


This is exactly what it says except that is will cost you two beers. We will visit the bar and add a review free of charge. The review will be honest and as we see things. It will include no pictures or location/contact details.

2. Upgraded Listing on

  1. Write the review yourself.

  2. Add your OWN Pictures and alt tags for better search engine results.

  3. Add a contact and location page - most importantly.

  4. Remove the Advertising at the Top of the page and the Soi6 picture.

Cost - 3,500 Thai Baht per annum or 5.500 Thai Baht one off fee.


The Navigation list is written in alphatebical order only.

For further information please contact